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    BOU DinnerThe Jazz SafariPeter Weds LizDaphine & Brian WeddingJohnnie Walker Live Edition

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Myko OumaAfroJazz Guitarist
Cindy SanyuUgandan-Pop Singer
STL - Stella MwangiAfropop · Hip-Hop Singer
Jua CaliGenge Rapper
Lily KadimaAfrofusionist Pianist Singer
JacintaAfrosoul Singer
Micheal KitandaJazz Saxophonist
Herbert SsensambaAfrosoul Singer Guitarist
NamelessAfro-Beat Singer
Kaz KasoziJazz Singer Guitarist
DJ Joe MfalmeAll-round DJ
King KakaHiphop Rapper
Isaac RucciCorporate MC
Giovanni KiyingiWorld · Folk Singer Guitarist
Lilian MbabaziUgandan-Pop Singer
Grace NakimeraUgandan-Pop Singer
GNL ZambaHiphop Rapper
WyreDancehall Singer
PrezzoHiphop Rapper
H_Art the BandAfropop · Reggae Band Singer
Calvo MistariHipHop Rapper
DJ CremeAll-round Dj
MejjaGenge Rapper
NebulazzGenge Rapper
Khaligraph JonesHiphop Rapper
1RailHiphop · RnB · Dancehall Rapper
Mzungu KichaaWorld Guitar
Cypher KingsHip-hop · Rap Drums
JoashUrban · Hiphop Singer
A PaapaHiphop Rapper
Charmant MushagaJazz Guitarist Singer
Omega Bugembe OkelloJazz Singer
Brian MugenyiJazz Saxophonist
Emmanuel DraguJazz Singer Trumpeter
MoRootsJazz Pianist Saxophonist Singer
Steven KeysPop Singer Pianist
Pragmo & the JazVaultJazz Singer Pianist
Lydia JazmineUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ KaroAllround VDJ
Richy KaweesaGospel · RnB Guitarist Singer
DJ ApemanAllround VDJ
DJ GlobalAllround VDJ
EkkyAfroSoul Singer
Ernest OtimJazz Bassist
Moustey DJAllround DJ
ToniksUgandan-Pop Singer Guitarist
Jackie AkelloContemporary-Urban Singer
RabadabaUgandan-Pop Rapper Singer
TambaWorld Singer
QwelaWorld Band
Jemimah SanyuAfrobeat Singer Pianist
Afrigo BandAfro-Jazz Singer
Naava GreyAfroSoul Singer
Janzi BandPop Band
David LutaloUgandan-Pop Singer
Judith BabiryeGospel Singer
Jackie SenyonjoUgandan-Pop Singer
Julie MutesasiraUgandan-Pop Singer
Angella KaluleUgandan-Pop Singer
Mys Natty & The MajestiksReggae Band
Sweet KidUgandan-Pop Singer
Neeno Irene KayondoUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ CrisioAllround DJ
Sami KUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ PitaAllround DJ VDJ
DJ CrimAllround VDJ
DJ SimplesAllround VDJ
Caesar KajuraJazz Saxophonist
Shifa MusisiAfrosoul Singer Guitarist
DLTAllround DJ
Leila KayondoUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ BKAllround DJ
Kenneth MugabiAfrosoul Guitarist Singer
BambooHiphop Rapper
Blakk Golden BandAfrobeat Band
KimeraGospel · Soul Singer Guitar
Dj TwonjexGospel DJ
Ndere TroupeUgandan-Cultural Dancers
Sabar ZibulaTraditionalAfrican Drummer
MAIA Afrosoul Guitarist Singer
Happy KJazz Saxophonist
FilahRnB Singer
MutindaAllround Guitarist Singer
WinyoBenga Singer
MakademAfro-Beat Singer
Ala-CHiphop Singer
June GachuiJazz Singer
Valentine ZikkiAlternative · Folk Guitarist MC Singer
Them MushroomsAfrofusion Band
Sali OyugiAfropop Percussionist Singer
Barbara GuantaiAfrojazz Singer
Fariji NapaAfrofusion Singer
Denise GordonAfrosoul Singer
JuukuaAfropop Band
Iddi AchiengAfro-Fusion Singer
Teto TutumaRoots Singer
Papi Odeq with Tamasha BeatsNeoafrofolk Band
Alpha MsaniiGenge Rapper
Jimw@tGenge Rapper
VeresoAfropop · Afrosoul · Allround · Gospel Band Pianist Singer
FadhileeAfrosoul Singer
Rachel MagoolaAfroPop Singer
Rogatien MilordAfroSoul Singer Guitarist
The BeathogsFunk · Soul Band
Clarissa NabulimeUgandan-Pop Singer
DEENAUgandan-Pop Band Singer
DJ KasBabyAllround DJ VDJ
Binti AfrikaAfropop · Reggae Singer
Ricky na MarafikiAfro-Jazz Band
Daniel OkirorRoots Band Singer
Sitenda Afro-house Singer
Lydiah DolaAfro-Beat Singer
Suzan KerunenWorld Singer
Abel & The Mambo Jazz QuartetJazz Singers
James Gogo & GogosimoAfro-Beats Singer
Sandra SuubiAfrosoul Singer
Dj TouchdownAllround DJ
NyattiSax PrimeAfrosoul · Allround · Genge · Gospel Band DJ Saxophonist Singer
AthienoAfrosoul Pianist Singer
Eli Live Neosoul Singer Guitarist
RashRock Band
KazAfroPop Singer
RISHRock Band Bassist Guitarist Singer
Mortal SoulHeavyMetal Band
SongomaAfropop Band
Sandy SoulAfrosoul Singer
Man NjoroHiphop Poet Singer
Glady MwendeSpoken-word Poet
Roger and the Figure-out bandAfropop · Hip-Hop · Jazz · Reggae · RnB · Rock · Spoken-Word Band
Undercover Brothers UgWorld Singers
Afro SimbaAfro-fusion Band
Victoria GichoraSoul Vocalist Guitarist Songwriter
Judith BwireAfro-Beats Singer
DJ RachaelAllround DJ Singer VDJ
LironAfrosoul · Folksoul Singer
Kato ChangeAfrosoul Guitarist
Brayo BryansPop Singer
The Red Acapella BandAfropop · Afrosoul · Hip-Hop · Reggae Band Guitarist Percussionist Singer
Elijah KitakaJazz MC
Lulu AbdallahAfro-Beats Singer
Moseh DrumistUrban-Folklore Drums
Hue SkillzAll-Round-Rock DJ
DJ ProtegeDance · Techno · Trance Dj
DeeJay KaceAll-round Dj
Mix Master LennyAll-round Dj
Davis Ntare And The BandAfrosoul · RnB Singer
Dj B-TownAll-round DJ
Muro RonaldGospel · HipHop Rapper Singer Pianist
DJ BankrobberAllround VDJ
4GBHipHop Rapper
Parking Lot GrassRock Band
DJ StretchAllround DJ
DJ BurnHip-Hop · House · Trap DJ
Jungle De ManeaterHiphop · SpokenWord Singer
Lon JonHIP-HOP Rapper Singer
Cloud TissaReggae Band Singer
Mista DruOldskool · Soul DJ
FenaUrban-Soul Singer
Poppa DonHip-hop Rapper
DJ Mr.TAll-round DJ
DJ NruffHip · Hop · Dancehall DJ
Kill SwitchAllround DJ
SugarAfrican · Hiphop · Rap Singer
DJ BashAll-round DJ
ukweli truthAllround DJ
Flavia TumusiimeAllround MC Voice-Artist
Crystal NewmanCorporate MC
MadtraxxHiphop Rapper
CannibalHip Rapper
KirachoAfroJazz Bassist Pianist
Silvastoneafrobeat Singer
NdegzAfro-fusion · R&B · Hip · Hop Singer
WangechiHIP-HOP Rapper
JemedariHip-Hop Band MC Singer
Majic MikeGospel Singer Rapper
DJ E the turntablistAll-round DJ
Siima Kyakuhaire SabitiClassical Flautist MC
SosuunGenge Rapper
DJ XpectAfro-Electronic DJ
DJ KalonjeAll-round DJ
Gaetano KagwaCorporate MC
Daniel OmaraAllround Comedian MC
Labdi OmmesAfro-house · Neo-Soul · Afro-Pop Orutu-Player Singer
Afroman SpiceMusical-Theatre Musicians/Actresses
Goksel Yilmaz EnsembleTurkish-Folk Oud-Player
NoniAfro-Soul Singer
Canaan GentsGospel Acapella
Michael RossRnB Singer
Sauti Ya AfricaPop-Opera Singers
AlgorhythmCovers Band
SmashDancehall Singer
DJ Swift SkillzAll-round DJ
J.C MuyonjoRnB · Soul · Blues Guitar
Malaika NnyanziCorporate MC
Isaiah DestinyJazz Guitar
Prisca OjwangSoul Singer
Rap PoetPoet Endongo(String-Lyre)
MwizaAfro-fusion Singer
SERROAfro-pop Guitar
Joseph SaxJazz Saxophone
BEROPop · R&B Singer
Apio MoroAfro-soul Guitar
EVONJazz Singer
Jy JaxonSoul Singer
RS ElvisWedding MC
Myko Ouma
Guitarist - AfroJazzUgandaUSD 0
O Holy Night
One day
No nem
Rate Myko Ouma
Eric Kamara
Myko owned the stage at the Jazz Safari! His original composition, Aluru is a very relaxing song. His band at the time composed of Michael Kitanda, Joseph Sax and Emma Dragu was on point. Great Job Myko
Ham Lubega
Myko put on an awesome show. He owned the stage and his band for the night was amazing to say the least. Good Job Myko!!!
mugayo daphine
The Myko Ouma band was great. Planning and meeting with his coordinator was very smooth and easy. Listening to him play while sitting at the high table was exhilarating and totally worth having him on my big day!
Elijah Kitaka
I booked Myko to perform at the Johnnie Walker Jazz Evening. We couldn't have picked a better artist to close the 2016 Live Edition series. Give Myko 2 hours and he will take you on a tour of Africa with his set. He opened with an hour of his own compositions - think Jazz, world, and folk fused together. He then did a couple of features with artists he's worked with (Steven Keys, Maurice Kirya). His final 45 minutes was a cover set of popular African songs, stamped with his own interpretation. The room was on up on the dance floor. Following persistent chants from the audience for more, Myko graciously performed for an additional 20 minutes. Great gig overall on all fronts - stage presence, audience engagement, band chemistry, proficiency.
Christopher Bajjabayira
Annet Mukasa
He knows how to handle the guitar.
Annet Twinokwesiga
It was a great experience. Myko is very talented. I enjoyed myself.
Judy Nguru
The performance was pretty great! The sound was amazing, carrying well across the room. Loved the engagement with the audience! Hypnotic experience all in all.
Kalyes Hannin
Was really awesome, had some good fun. The guy on the sax plus all the others and main man Ouma nailed it! Loved Maurice Kirya too!
Elizabeth Ajayi
Myko owned the stage!!! He is a great entertainer, bonded with the crowd and evidently loves what he does. I'd come to his show over and over again. Also, the lighting and sound systems were perfect.
Twaha Mukalazi
I liked the last part of the show where he performed Radio & Weasel oldies and lingala.
Nelson Mugisha
His connection with the audience was amazing.
Wycliffe Kyonga
Ben Katumba
The way he takes cultural pieces and makes them even greater is incredible.
Barbara Zatug
I enjoyed the african songs and Myko engaging the audience.
Phiona Kulabako
He is hilarious and humble, sinamakosa the old Swahili songs was so cool and Spanish beats were classy.
Michael Ssemakula
Wow, when he played the Spanish song and Lugbara, it was absolutely spectacular! I loved it. I describe him as my contemporary Ugandan jazz music artist. For sure, Myko slayed it yesterday.
Anders Jacobsen
My favorite part of the show was the set from his village in northern Uganda.
Liv Nyaika
I loved the passion and energy throughout the entire show.
Kiyingi Allan
I enjoyed the mash-up of the local songs in a jazzy rendition.The Raka Raka tune from northern Uganda however was my winner for the evening.
Mubarak Nsamba
Myko performed a really good African Jazz set during his show.
Isaac Nsubuga
Whenever the saxophone played to a song, it complicated Myko well. On a whole i liked every bit of the show .
Susan Nambi
His passion is infectious and I literally transcend in his musical art.
Elma Asio
Myko's show was lots of fun. I loved listening to the band play some their original music.
William Otiti
Caroline Odongo
Aziz Agaba
My favorite part of the show we the songs he performed with Steve Keys.
Touted as one of the greatest guitar players in the region Myko is also a skilled arranger and entertainer. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles and instruments gives a fresh take to popular tunes that he blends seamlessly with his on chart topping songs. He is a sought after act who has played at over 300 events across 3 continents and countless countries with and for almost every major musical name. An artist who is constantly reinventing himself and stretching musical boundaries he and his band can ad that much needed magic touch to your occasion. From intimate settings to sold out concert venues-Myko is an act that will linger in your memory for ages.
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