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    Cine Concert @ Goethe Zentrum KampalaAnnual Kinyara Golf Tournament 2016Johnnie Walker Live Edition

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About Fezah
Kaz KasoziJazz Singer Guitarist
Jackie AkelloContemporary-Urban Singer
STL - Stella MwangiAfropop · Hip-Hop Singer
Jua CaliGenge Rapper
Suzan KerunenWorld Singer
Davis Ntare And The BandAfrosoul · RnB Singer
JacintaAfrosoul Singer
Charmant MushagaJazz Guitarist Singer
Moustey DJAllround DJ
NamelessAfro-Beat Singer
Lily KadimaReggae Pianist Singer
Undercover Brothers UgWorld Singers
DJ Joe MfalmeAll-round DJ
King KakaHiphop Rapper
Giovanni KiyingiWorld-Music · Folk-Music Guitarist
J.C MuyonjoRnB · Soul · Blues Guitar
Emmanuel DraguJazz Singer Trumpeter
Lilian MbabaziUgandan-Pop Singer
Grace NakimeraUgandan-Pop Singer
GNL ZambaHiphop Rapper
Kenneth MugabiAfrosoul Guitarist Singer
WyreDancehall Singer
PrezzoHiphop Rapper
KimeraGospel · Soul Singer Guitar
Dj TwonjexGospel DJ
H_Art the BandAfropop · Reggae Band Singer
Calvo MistariHipHop Rapper
DJ CremeAll-round Dj
MejjaGenge Rapper
NebulazzGenge Rapper
Khaligraph JonesHiphop Rapper
1RailHiphop · RnB · Dancehall Rapper
Mzungu KichaaWorld Guitar
Micheal KitandaJazz Saxophonist
A PaapaHiphop Rapper
Omega Bugembe OkelloJazz Singer
Brian MugenyiJazz Saxophonist
MoRootsJazz Pianist Saxophonist Singer
Steven KeysPop Singer Pianist
Pragmo & the JazVaultJazz Singer Pianist
Lydia JazmineUgandan-Pop Singer
Cindy SanyuUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ KaroAllround VDJ
Richy KaweesaGospel · RnB Guitarist Singer
DJ ApemanAllround VDJ
Myko OumaAfroJazz Guitarist
DJ GlobalAllround VDJ
EkkyAfroSoul Singer
Ernest OtimJazz Bassist
ToniksUgandan-Pop Singer Guitarist
RabadabaUgandan-Pop Rapper Singer
TambaWorld Singer
QwelaWorld Band
Jemimah SanyuAfrobeat Singer Pianist
Afrigo BandAfro-Jazz Singer
Naava GreyAfroSoul Singer
Janzi BandPop Band
David LutaloUgandan-Pop Singer
Judith BabiryeGospel Singer
Jackie SenyonjoUgandan-Pop Singer
Julie MutesasiraUgandan-Pop Singer
Angella KaluleUgandan-Pop Singer
Herbert SsensambaAfrosoul Singer Guitarist
Mys Natty & The MajestiksReggae Band
Sweet KidUgandan-Pop Singer
Neeno Irene KayondoUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ CrisioAllround DJ
Sami KUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ PitaAllround DJ VDJ
DJ CrimAllround VDJ
DJ SimplesAllround VDJ
Caesar KajuraJazz Saxophonist
Shifa MusisiAfrosoul Singer Guitarist
DLTAllround DJ
Leila KayondoUgandan-Pop Singer
DJ BKAllround DJ
BambooHiphop Rapper
Blakk Golden BandAfrobeat Band
Ndere TroupeUgandan-Cultural Dancers
Sabar ZibulaTraditionalAfrican Drummer
MAIA Afrosoul Guitarist Singer
Happy KJazz Saxophonist
FilahRnB Singer
MutindaAllround Guitarist Singer
WinyoBenga Singer
MakademAfro-Beat Singer
Ala-CHiphop Singer
June GachuiJazz Singer
Valentine ZikkiAlternative · Folk Guitarist MC Singer
Them MushroomsAfrofusion Band
Sali OyugiAfropop Percussionist Singer
Barbara GuantaiAfrojazz Singer
Fariji NapaAfrofusion Singer
Denise GordonAfrosoul Singer
JuukuaAfropop Band
Iddi AchiengAfro-Fusion Singer
Teto TutumaRoots Singer
Papi Odeq with Tamasha BeatsNeoafrofolk Band
Alpha MsaniiGenge Rapper
Jimw@tGenge Rapper
VeresoAfropop · Afrosoul · Allround · Gospel Band Pianist Singer
FadhileeAfrosoul Singer
Rachel MagoolaAfroPop Singer
Rogatien MilordAfroSoul Singer Guitarist
The BeathogsFunk · Soul Band
Clarissa NabulimeUgandan-Pop Singer
DEENAUgandan-Pop Band Singer
DJ KasBabyAllround DJ VDJ
Binti AfrikaAfropop · Reggae Singer
Ricky na MarafikiAfro-Jazz Band
Daniel OkirorRoots Band Singer
Sitenda Afro-house Singer
Lydiah DolaAfro-Beat Singer
Abel & The Mambo Jazz QuartetJazz Singers
James Gogo & GogosimoAfro-Beats Singer
Sandra SuubiAfrosoul Singer
Dj TouchdownAllround DJ
NyattiSax PrimeAfrosoul · Allround · Genge · Gospel Band DJ Saxophonist Singer
AthienoAfrosoul Pianist Singer
Eli Live Neosoul Singer Guitarist
RashRock Band
KazAfroPop Singer
RISHRock Band Bassist Guitarist Singer
Mortal SoulHeavyMetal Band
SongomaAfropop Band
Sandy SoulAfrosoul Singer
Man NjoroHiphop Poet Singer
Glady MwendeSpoken-word Poet
Roger and the Figure-out bandAfropop · Hip-Hop · Jazz · Reggae · RnB · Rock · Spoken-Word Band
Afro SimbaAfro-fusion Band
Victoria GichoraSoul Vocalist Guitarist Songwriter
Judith BwireAfro-Beats Singer
DJ RachaelAllround DJ Singer VDJ
LironAfrosoul · Folksoul Singer
Kato ChangeAfrosoul Guitarist
Brayo BryansPop Singer
The Red Acapella BandAfropop · Afrosoul · Hip-Hop · Reggae Band Guitarist Percussionist Singer
Elijah KitakaJazz MC
Lulu AbdallahAfro-Beats Singer
Moseh DrumistUrban-Folklore Drums
Hue SkillzAll-Round-Rock DJ
DJ ProtegeDance · Techno · Trance Dj
DeeJay KaceAll-round Dj
Mix Master LennyAll-round Dj
Dj B-TownAll-round DJ
Muro RonaldGospel · HipHop Rapper Singer Pianist
DJ BankrobberAllround VDJ
4GBHipHop Rapper
Parking Lot GrassRock Band
DJ StretchAllround DJ
DJ BurnHip-Hop · House · Trap DJ
Jungle De ManeaterHiphop · SpokenWord Singer
Lon JonHIP-HOP Rapper Singer
Cloud TissaReggae Band Singer
Mista DruOldskool · Soul DJ
FenaUrban-Soul Singer
Poppa DonHip-hop Rapper
DJ Mr.TAll-round DJ
DJ NruffHip · Hop · Dancehall DJ
Kill SwitchAllround DJ
SugarAfrican · Hiphop · Rap Singer
DJ BashAll-round DJ
ukweli truthAllround DJ
Flavia TumusiimeAllround MC Voice-Artist
Crystal NewmanCorporate MC
MadtraxxHiphop Rapper
CannibalHip Rapper
KirachoAfroJazz Bassist Pianist
Silvastoneafrobeat Singer
NdegzAfro-fusion · R&B · Hip · Hop Singer
WangechiHIP-HOP Rapper
JemedariHip-Hop Band MC Singer
Majic MikeGospel Singer Rapper
DJ E the turntablistAll-round DJ
Siima Kyakuhaire SabitiClassical Flautist MC
SosuunGenge Rapper
DJ XpectAfro-Electronic DJ
DJ KalonjeAll-round DJ
Gaetano KagwaCorporate MC
Isaac RucciCorporate MC
Daniel OmaraAllround Comedian MC
Labdi OmmesAfro-house · Neo-Soul · Afro-Pop Orutu-Player Singer
Afroman SpiceMusical-Theatre Musicians/Actresses
Goksel Yilmaz EnsembleTurkish-Folk Oud-Player
NoniAfro-Soul Singer
Canaan GentsGospel Acapella
Michael RossRnB Singer
Sauti Ya AfricaPop-Opera Singers
AlgorhythmCovers Band
SmashDancehall Singer
DJ Swift SkillzAll-round DJ
Malaika NnyanziCorporate MC
Isaiah_DestinyJazz Guitar
Prisca OjwangSoul Singer
Kaz Kasozi
Singer Guitarist - JazzUgandaUSD 0
Boss lady
Coffee at last
I am a man
Little room
Nipe ishara
Olubuto lwa nalumansi
I won't sell my soul
Your friend
Rate Kaz Kasozi
Astrid Haas
Fabulous as always! This time the special twist of a silent film and a mix of cultures (German and Uganda) was extra special!
Abbe Consolate
The music is always soothing and he exhibits a high level of confidence in what he is doing. He is talented.
Emily Grace Goodrich
I attended Kaz Kasozi's interpretation of a silent film and it's musical accompaniment. The music fit the film very well. It matched the moods and rhythms of what was happening onscreen, and enhanced the film instead of competing with it or distracting from it. I really enjoyed the incorporation of local instruments as well. If I ever had an event, I would trust him to take time to understand the desired mood of the event, and create a musical performance to match it.
Salim Cheptai
Kaz Kasozi's performance was amazing! To be sincere i never liked such performances but yesterday watching Kaz, gave me a new perspective. I will definitely keep my tabs to his performances and i'm in love with his talent.
Cosmas Ssematimba
Great Guitar skills, it was awesome the way he plays the guitar.He has a mellow voice and was able to sing in multiple voice tones He performed many songs, the sound was good and organization great. I liked the performance.
Kaz Kasozi's presence on stage and his showmanship!!The band was so in sync! Roooy!! Ernest, the brass guys, what can I say? The entire band was well prepared for spontaneity! I loved it!!
Sounded Awesome.Stage perfomance was amazing. The whole band was in sync.
Kahuma Alex
the guitarists guys and the drum guy were awesomehis style
Kathleen Mwanga
Incredible stage presence and engagement with the audience! You can't help but get up and dance! Thanks for the awesome show, Kaz and making your album come alive! After listening to it for the past few weeks after purchasing it on iTunes I loved hearing you perform them!
Jeniffer Ochwo
Kaz's performance was AMAZING... He gave it his all, visibly having fun as he did. I would attend another Kaz Kasozi event.
Elijah Kitaka
I booked Kaz for the Johnnie Walker Live Edition in August following the release of his Star Shift album. He raised the bar so high, in an evening full of Jazz, Soul, and Funk. His stage presence, musicianship, and tightness with the rest of the band was incredible. Kaz is ready to tour the world and fly the Africa flag high. I highly recommend that you book him and get him onto your stage, you'll thank me later.
Great professionalism, strong performance, contact with public!
Bonaventure Kabeiraho
He was playing the guitar so well. Good stage management. He involves the audience.
He's original, sound was superb, he's such an entertainer, multi talented musician, he's the real definition of a musician. Engages the whole band. Awesome.
He got a great way of keeping the audience hitched to the magical performance. He guides the audience through to a journey through his performance with his all- body and soul. Great funk even the deafmute can testify... Did I mention the base guitarist... ooh hoop nhooo, By the way "Olubuto lwa Nalumansi lw'ani?" Great lyrics... Keep it up guys...
Ron Nyanzi
Splendid performance, all thru
David Gidudu
good soundlighting performance was good turn-up was
Antonia Kamya
Stage performance, audience engagement, music arrangement.
Njoroge Kiracho
Kasozi, you rocked that room last night... Your stage presence is something to behold Bro!.. Also... Thanks for pacifying a one David Pragmo N'saiga, the grooves were killing him!!!
Kalyes Hannin
i enjoyed the show reallyi loved his creativity..the gwanga mujje thing the dancing(me,him ma friend and some lady..was fun.thanks guys.looking forward to the next one
Sandra Kiconco
I loved the passion of the performer. The jazz in luganda and other local languages.
The performance was all good most especially the performance of Lubotto lya Nalumansi, the mcee , Elijah, was on point and then, when we asked for "one more" , at the end of show,they gladly allowed and gave it to us.
Kaz is such a good performer.From the witty vocals ,to the guitar playing and the interesting foot work. Had a great time
Kaz Kasozi is a Ugandan musician, composer & producer; his music fuses blues, funk, jazz, pop/rock influences with an African sensibility. A multi-instrumentalist, Kaz’s music ranges from laid back angelic to hard & edgy funk. He has been described as “Uganda’s Funkmaster” by The East African. His work has been likened to Richard Bona, Prince & James Brown.

As a performer and band leader he has played at prominent venues such as the Royal National Theatre, Queen Elizabeth Hall & the Jazz Cafe in London, The Zenith in Paris, among others. He has performed at the London African Music Festival 2008 as artist in residence. He has toured the US, Japan and widely across Europe. He has also worked as music director/band leader for various tours for different bands and shows in the UK, France, Uganda and the US.

Of his live performance, Kaz has been described as a musician who “enjoys stretching his vocals, accompanied by breathtaking acrobatic moves during his live performances.” Afrikan Soul Mag, USA. He has stunned audiences with his performances ranging from angelic to frenetic energy with dance moves to boot. With his new fully Ugandan band the energy is visceral and the music raw and edgy.

His unique rumble in the jungle show in Mabira dubbed Rhythm in the Forest 2012 was described as "explosive" by the New Vision. "Kaz Kasozi is the only artist that can play a consistent show of original material for 4 hours non-stop and leave the audience wanting more." NBS TV. Referring to Kaz’s second solo album Naked and Blue, critics have said: "a Ugandan classic and timeless piece..." by Music Uganda and "A gem with very infectious African 'Ethnic-soul'!" by Tw records review US(2005); "...hard edged, rock driven afro-funk style, irresistible and unique," by World Music Network UK(2007); “Kaz's skills as a multi-instrumentalist weave a rich sound canvas, creating a true world fusion work; he plays 11 instruments on this album.” The East African, Kenya.

To date his recorded works include the much acclaimed & eclectic Naked & blue (2005), Jazzmoss (2007), Dance With Me (2012), Postcard From Uganda (2013) and the upcoming titled Kaz’s Little Room. Also to be released in 2016 is a collection of his film music works.
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