10 Key Highlights from the Fezah Annual Conference 2018

At the Fezah Annual Conference held on June 5, 2018, Fezah introduced its Market Intelligence Suite; A simple set of tools that package data from our various products into powerful insights that provide real-time value to advertisers, musicians, and broadcasters. During his presentation, Elijah Kitaka the Fezah CEO presented the following 10 key highlights.

Fezah App now notifies musicians every time their music is played on radio in real-time. On the app, musicians also get detailed reports on airplay. This is powered by Fezah’s media monitoring technology called AudioMatch.

Fezah App now allows a musician to compare their airplay to another musician, to see where they are doing better or worse.

Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) has signed up as the first Fezah AudioMatch client. Starting July 1st, UPRS will use AudioMatch airplay data to accurately determine how much to pay out to its members.

FezahApp now notifies advertisers every time their ad is played on radio in real-time. On the app, advertisers also get detailed reports. This is powered by Fezah media monitoring technology called AudioMatch.

Fezah App now allows brands to compare their ad trends to competitors, to evaluate share of voice over different stations or time blocks.

Fezah has partnered with Roke on the AudioMatch rollout. With Roke’s countrywide presence, Fezah will be able to extend it’s automated monitoring service to stations across all regions.

Fezah App now automatically determines and recommends the optimal amount you should pay for a given artist to perform at your event, show, festival. This is based on a formula that takes into account the artist, event type, client segment, and season.

Fezah App will deliver all these benefits through affordable subscription plans for both musicians and advertisers. Subscription plans start at as low as $8 per month.

Fezah App has started scouting for talent in Rwanda as part its plans to cover East Africa. Once launched, Rwandan artists will have access to all stages within the Fezah Booking Network.

10. FEZAH APP for iOS
Fezah App is finally now available for pre-order on iOS for iPhone and iPad users. This follows 3 years of being exclusively Android. Over the next 3 months, Fezah will improve its iOS app to include all features that its Android app has.

In May 2015 Fezah set out to link African musicians to life changing local and global stages with a simple tool; The Fezah App. That year they received the MTN Most Innovative App award, and launched Fezah in Kenya as well.

Fezah App has since grown to ~300 artists. It is now the official booking app for the Bayimba International Festival, DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market, and The Jazz & Soul Safari. Fezah has executed regional tours for artists, launched radio shows, and built its own stages to provide more opportunities to the growing African talent. The Market Intelligence Suite is the second major product area from Fezah, joining the already established Fezah Talent Booking service.

Install the Fezah App for Android or the Fezah App for iOS, and email team@fezah.com to activate your Fezah Market Intelligence trial.

Welcome Chris Groves, Chief Legal Officer at Fezah

Chris Groves

We are glad to announce that Chris Groves has officially joined team Fezah as Chief Legal Officer. Chris brings a wealth of legal and industry experience, having spent over 20 years leading legal and compliance teams for media and technology companies. He previously spent 9 years at Turner Broadcasting as General Counsel for Europe the Middle East and Africa and then Managing Director for the business in the Middle East and Africa. Chris holds an MA Philosophy from Edinburgh University, and attended the College of Law in Chancery Lane, before training at Norton Rose, a top City of London law firm.

“My career as a media and technology lawyer started in 1996 with Orange, followed by a move to Turner Broadcasting in 2002. I am a big fan of live music, it is by far the best way to experience music. Fezah’s mission of making artists more accessible to music lovers is great, and I love the way Fezah is doing it. I believe this business and this brand have massive potential, and I am very happy to be a part of it.” – Chris Groves

Fezah App is entertainment’s booking app available through Google Play, the quickest way to book a musician, band, DJ, or MC for your next event. Launched in May 2015, Fezah App now has over 180 musicians, bands, DJs, and MCs from Uganda and Kenya available for booking through the app. Chris Groves’ main mission as Chief Legal Officer at Fezah is to be a trusted adviser to the business, leading efforts to manage business risk, compliance and good governance. Based between London and Amsterdam, Chris will also play a role in helping us understand the nuances involved in making Fezah more relevant to diaspora and international bookers.

Help us give Chris a warm welcome to Fezah!

Fezah Now the Official Booking Partner for Bayimba & DOADOA

At a joint event held today at the Fezah Uganda office, BAYIMBA and Fezah App signed and announced a partnership that will enable a quicker, and more efficient application process for artists intending to perform at the Bayimba International Festival and or the DOADOA – East African Performing Arts Market. Fezah is entertainment’s booking app available for free through Google Play, with over 180 musicians, bands, and DJs from Uganda and Kenya. DOADOA brings together international bookers, looking for fresh East African artists for their festivals, while the Bayimba International Festival continues to provide great exposure to an international and local audience of fans, artists, and bookers. The Bayimba International Festival will mark its 10th anniversary in 2017.

Elijah Kitaka (Fezah), Herman Kabubi (Bayimba), Faisal Kiwewa (Bayimba), Ham Namakajjo (Fezah) at the Fezah Uganda office

Elijah Kitaka (Fezah), Herman Kabubi (Bayimba), Faisal Kiwewa (Bayimba), Ham Namakajjo (Fezah) at the Fezah Uganda office
Every year, artists apply to perform at various festivals around the world. The process is repetitive, tedious, and time consuming for artists. Festival program directors on the other hand spend days sifting through submissions, reviewing artist footage, verifying performance history, compiling shortlists, and eventually making offers to finalists.

To improve this process, Bayimba will broadcast its call for applications using the Fezah App to artists in both Uganda and Kenya. Fezah will, through its app, support single click artist profile submission into both the DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market and Bayimba International Festival. The artist will then be able to track the status of their application as it moves through the different stages of the Bayimba and DOADOA decision making process. As part of the partnership, Fezah will hold regular readiness workshops for artists intending to submit applications, to improve the quality of applications, demystify the selection process, and mentor artists to be ready for other festivals with similar booking requirements.

In addition, starting 2017 Bayimba Foundation will introduce a special Fezah showcase slot during both the DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market, and the Bayimba International Festival. This slot will feature an artist selected by Fezah through its festival readiness workshops.

Festivals have proven to be a great path for artists to play on international stages, and this partnership will make it easier for artists to take this path.

For more information, contact the Fezah team through team@fezah.com, or the Bayimba team through herman@bayimba.org.

Welcome Anna van Brakel, Fezah Director – Internationalization & Mentorship Programs

Anna van Brakel

Building a startup is tough. Building a startup without great, passionate, talented, and committed people is impossible. That’s why we are so excited to welcome Dr. Anna van Brakel to Fezah. Fezah App is entertainment’s booking app available through Google Play, with over 150 musicians, bands, DJs, and MCs from Uganda and Kenya. With a crazy passion for the creative industry and a PhD in Psychology from Maastricht University – Netherlands, Anna joins us as Director – Internationalization & Mentorship Programs.

About Mentorship: “My main professional mission is to give everyone a chance to become the best version of themselves. It all comes down to identity, more so to authenticity. Authenticity is a hard bullet to bite for many people because everyone loves to belong to a group, a circle. We find ourselves living according to someone else’s expectations, or in the creative context creating according to someone else’s expectations. But to be outstanding you need to be authentic. This is what we want for every Fezah artist.” – Anna van Brakel

As we continue to build the tools and networks to get our artists onto more stages, internationalization is an important focus for us. Anna will work with us to improve our portfolio’s international booking readiness, and to help our artists gig beyond their borders.

Help us give Anna a warm Fezahrian welcome!

New Version of Fezah App Improves Artist Discovery in 5 Ways

Fezah, entertainment’s booking app, has just released a new version of its Android app. We have totally reworked the Fezah App home screen to make it easier to showcase and navigate our growing artist portfolio in Uganda and Kenya. This will allow you to get to the artist that you want a lot quicker. Here is what’s new.

1. Featured Events
It’s quite typical for us to receive a call that goes; “Hey, I’m looking for a saxophone player that performed at the last Social Media Awards. I don’t know his name. Can you help?”. With this new release, you can find that event, and click through to see the artist that performed there, along with all the information you need to book them to perform at your own event – pricing, sample songs, videos, reviews, pictures, bio.

2. Popular Genres
We’ve made it easy for you to narrow our growing artist portfolio to only those artists that play that kind of music that suits your taste. We’ve placed genres front and centre. Clicking a genre like Jazz on the new home screen with show you a list of Jazz artists available. Clicking Soul will show you a list of artists that do Soul. We’ve got over 15 genres represented on Fezah, from rock, world, funk, lugaflo, genge, and more.

3. Recently Viewed Artists
We know based on our data, that a booking decision takes up to 12 weeks to close. A customer looks through a number of artist profiles before they finally make a decision on who to book. We’ve now made it easier for you to find the artists you recently reviewed, as you continue along your decision making process.

4. New Artists on Fezah
Promoters and visionaries are a big part of our Fezah community. They want to know Sauti Sol long before the group becomes mainstream. Every month, the Johnnie Walker Live Edition books a fresh, typically up and coming, artist to perform at its popular monthly event at Guvnor. With this new release, we’ve made it easy for them and you to identify who’s new. That way you can stay ahead of the curve, and can keep your stage vibrant with fresh talent.

5. Top Musicians, DJs, MCs
Not everyone is as adventurous as you are. Once in a while, all you want is a tried and tested artist to rock your event. The top lists (Top musicians, Top DJs, Top MCs) will show you a lists ranked by who is being booked most, who’s most reliable, who gets great reviews for performances as well as many other criteria.

We are constantly improving the Fezah App and underlying service based on learnings from our artists, customers, users, and advisors. This is the 60th version of the app, since our initial release on May 15, 2015. We’ll continue to listen, learn, and remain the quickest way to book a musician, band, DJ, or MC to perform at your event.

Go ahead; install the new release, take it for a spin, and share your feedback with us. Reach us on +256.755.111.222, + or team@fezah.com.

Fezah Artists to Get Regular Airplay on 106.1 Jazz FM

We are excited to announce that starting today, Fezah artists will get regular airplay on 106.1 Jazz Fm. This is part of a Fezah and Jazz FM partnership aimed at promoting the growing number of talented artists available on the Fezah App. Fezah is entertainment’s booking app available through Google Play, with over 150 musicians, bands, and DJs from Uganda and Kenya. 106.1 Jazz Fm is your home of Jazz, Blues, and Soul in Kampala, streaming internationally on www.jazzfm.co.ug.

As part of this partnership, every hour 106.1 Jazz FM will play at least one song by a Fezah artist on a slot called #ChezaWithFezah. Additionally, an extended 1-hour Cheza with Fezah radio show will air on 106.1 Jazz FM every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm. The radio show will exclusively feature Fezah artists, covering album reviews, artist interviews, Fezah favourites in Jazz and other genres, and much more.

106.1 Jazz FM will also directly run campaigns aimed at promoting booking of the different Fezah artists. The Jazz FM audience is one that appreciates great music performances. In just a few clicks, Fezah makes it really easy for them, and everyone else, to book great musicians, bands, DJs, or MCs for their events. Highlighting this to Jazz FM’s growing audience will be good for everyone; Jazz FM and its listeners, as well as Fezah and the artists.

We know that radio plays a big part in how people discover music and musicians. We also know that musicians struggle to get their music played on radio. This partnership will go a long way in solving this problem. Artists that are already on Fezah and would like to get their music played on 106.1 Jazz FM can upload the music to their Fezah profile through fezah.com, or drop their music off at the Fezah offices. Artists that are not on Fezah are welcome to join Fezah at no cost, at fezah.com/signup.

For more information, contact the Fezah team on +256755111222, +256790869700, or fezahrians@fezah.com.

Tell an artist friend of yours.