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Ernest Otim
Bassist - JazzUgandaUSD 200
Duo Performance
1 Hour
USD 200

Trio Performance
1 Hour
USD 260

Quartet Performance
90 Minute
USD 400

Quintet Performance
90 Minute
USD 480

Big Band Performance
90 Minute
USD 680

Duo Performance
1 Hour
USD 320

Trio Performance
1 Hour
USD 400

Quartet Performance
90 Minute
USD 480

Quintet Performance
90 Minute
USD 560

Big Band Performance
90 Minute
USD 800

Duo Performance
1 Hour
USD 200

Trio Performance
1 Hour
USD 240

Quartet Performance
90 Minute
USD 300

Quintet Performance
90 Minute
USD 360

Big Band Performance
90 Minute
USD 480

Club · Restaurant
Trio Performance
1 Hour
USD 120

Trio Performance
1 Hour
USD 180

Quartet Performance
90 Minute
USD 240

Quintet Performance
90 Minute
USD 320

Big Band Performance
90 Minute
USD 480

Indie groove - ernest otim
Aminangojo Noi - Ernest Otim
Funky 4 Ya - Ernest Otim
Rate Ernest Otim
Originality.. And creativity.. He is very adventurous
The voiceInstruments command
Elijah Kitaka
I booked Ernest to perform at the June 2016 Live Edition of my weekly radio show, The Jazz Evenings Radioshow, to showcase music off his debut album - The Book of Groovation. We could not have selected a better first act. He's a new, talented bass player that the audience didn't see coming. Original, refreshing, and tight. You can hear a bit of Richard Bona in his playing. Ernest is ready for the world. We are glad to have found him first. Try him out for your next gig, thank me later.
kizito Lawrence
He is one of the best bass players living, able to adapt and create groove to every piece he lands on, basically all you need to entertain is wrapped in him
I am a session and stage bassist, music director, producer and all around musician. But even the hippest of the hip give it up when the subject turns to Ernest Otim, a slight, shy virtuoso of the electric bass guitar from Uganda. There’s a lot of talk these days about the future of music: the blending of old and new, the cross- pollination of cultures, the blurring of genres. There aren’t many musical artists who inhabit both the past and the future as fully as Ernest Otim. As we stumble toward a new era, words like international and universal have begun to seem quaint, yet we are still daunted by our constantly expanding horizons. We need help to embrace our rapidly unfolding history and move forward. We need artists like Ernest Otim to sing us funny and serious songs about human nature, about the big, surprising world and the familiar places we call home. We need his music to make our blood run faster and our hearts beat more insistently. Introducing his new Afro-Jazz/Funk music to the audiences, Ernest Otim is out there on the road, mapping our route from the past to the future. Like many African songwriters, he sings lessons and parables. The language of his music is less specific; it draws on pop and jazz from across Africa, the Americas and Europe. His songs assume a virtuosity so complete that it only has to whisper. Ernest Otim sings mostly in English, but the vulnerability of his plaintive sound is unmistakable across barriers of language. His bass solos are wildly inventive, fervently imitated and transcribed by young musicians all over the world. His tunes combine African polyrhythms, harmonic virtuosity, and a funky songwriter’s gift for memorable, accessible melodies. His arrangements are almost symphonic, hypnotizing us with the unexpected colors of voices and instruments. All of this is no happy accident. For Ernest Otim, the life of a musician is not a casual undertaking. He understands his job: to make us dance and laugh and cry, to help us understand ourselves and each other, to remind us that we live in an enormous universe filled with wonders, to fill us with joy. For Ernest Otim, being a musician is a responsibility he’s trained for all his life, a lineage he was born to fulfill. Ernest Otim was born in the Ugandan village of Virika – Fort Portal. When the infant musician came down with malaria, his family discovered that only the sound of the thumb-piano could soothe him. When he recovered, his father, the church choir leader, showed him how to build his own instrument. He played for hours every day, and by the age of five he was performing regularly. He could play any instrument he heard: flute, hand percussion, drums. When Ernest was 12 his family moved to the big city of Kampala, and Ernest fell in love with the sound of the guitar. He built himself a 12-string, using bicycle brake cable for strings. Soon he was playing in local bands. Ernest knew nothing about jazz at the time, but spent his days listening and his nights trying out what he had learned. One of the first things he heard was Jaco Pastorius’ funky music, and it changed his life forever. Imagine an artist with Jaco Pastorious’s virtuosity, George Benson’s vocal fluidity, Joao Gilberto’s sense of song and harmony, all mixed up with African culture. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Ernest Otim! Through these few years Ernest Otim’s musicianship and virtuosity has become urban legend in Kampala gig world. Ernest Otim played with Afropop stars Jose Chameleone, Angella Kalule, Sarah Zawedde, and many more. He has toured and recorded with Kaz Kasozi, Micheal Kitanda, Herbert Ssensamba, GNL Zamba, Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi, Code-9 band, Sifa Kelele, Barbed wire thong, Samuel Prince Ibanda, Zauka Band, K’Angie band, Miriam Tamar, Majestiks, Suzie Anique, Bayimba, and many others! He is releasing his first album —Book of Groovation (2016) - establishing himself as a bassist-songwriter with a singular voice. Ernest Otim’s father taught him early and well. Music is a language that cuts through our ordinary experience, tells us the stories we need to hear, leads us to understand who we are. Ernest Otim is following in his father’s footsteps, the griot for our sprawling global village. In basement clubs and festival tents and grand concert halls, we gather to celebrate, dance and sing. Ernest Otim’s music propels us forward.
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